Acts of kindness

I drove past a secluded bus stop and noticed a soldier standing there in the blistering heat. I kept driving but about 20 seconds later what I had seen registered and I thought, it’s boiling hot, and I know he can’t ask for ride, but maybe I can offer him one.

I made a quick U-turn, and decided to go back and ask him if he needed a ride. I figured what the heck? He may say no, or the bus might come as I turn around, but I’ll only lose a few minutes of my day and could potentially save a lot of time for him.

He did accept the ride, and as it happened where he needed to go was on my way.

As he’s about to leave my car, he shakes my hand and says, “If I was even one minute late today, I wouldn’t be allowed to go home for the weekend. I’m three minutes early. I can’t thank you enough.”

Wow. Totally made my week to know he’d be able to spend Shabbat with his family!