The Scope of the One Jewish People Project is so large that it requires numerous partners.
We have therefore assembled three groups of partner organizations:

Strategic Partners

The following group, listed on are those partners currently running unity projects


The organizations in this group are organizations with Jewish unity projects, and as such are eligible for funding:

Assisting Partners

These are major Jewish organizations that have graciously agreed to assist us in marketing our project by notifying their supporters:


More Partners

Mercaz-USA, Boston Rebbe and affiliates, Imrei Bina, Heritage Retreats, Fathers Connect, American Physicians Fellowship, Torah in Motion, ORT International, Shabbat Project, American Israel Friendship League, Yeshivas- Lakewood, Passaic Torah Institute, AFSI, Partners in Torah, J Values, Lubricon, NCSEJ, American Friends of Likud,, Salant Foundation, World Union of Progressive Judaism.


More Partners

AEPi, Aish Hatorah, Yad Eliezer, Areyvut, D’orayta, Brovenders, Lev Malka, Shalva, MASA, Merkaz Hatorah, Breslov, Rev Asher Weiss, Jerusalem Kollel, Yad Ezra, PUAH, Yemima Mizrachi, Women in Green, LIBI, Aderet HaTorah, Land of Israel, One Israel Fund, Choshen Mishpat, Neve Yerushalyim, Machon Daniel, PTACH, MAKOR, TEMURA, Kav L’Noar, Siyach Shiff, Truth for Israel, Regavim, LBY, Camp Machanayim, STEP, Keren Malki, Tzohar, Zaka, RCA, Israel Project, Panim el Panim, Shavei, Panim, Herzog Hospital, Ayelet Hashakar, Machon Ramchal, Miklala, Shurit Hadin, Meir Panim , Bais Yisrael, Boys Town Jerusalem, Im Tirtzu, Yad Eliezer, Ohr Stone Mandell Foundation, Sharfmans, The Jewish Agency, World Zionist Organization, Bnai Zion Foundation, Project Kesher-Belarus Russia and the Ukraine, INTERNATIONAL YOUNG ISRAEL MOVEMENT(IYIM)-ISRAEL, Allyn Hospital, Achuzat Kever,

All donations to the ONE JEWISH PEOPLE PROJECT will be used exclusively for
projects promoting unity under the direction of the Administration of the