I drove past a secluded bus stop and noticed a soldier standing there in the blistering heat. I kept driving but about 20 seconds later what I had seen registered and I thought, it’s boiling hot, and I know he can’t ask for ride, but maybe I can offer him one. I made a quick…

Public Service Announcements

As part of our campaign to improve Israeli society, we are creating public service announcements to be aired on TV, throughout social media, on blogs, websites etc. These PSA’s were aired on Israel’s main TV channel, “Channel 2” , four times a day for a period of several months.


The Mensch Foundation plans to open up twelve“Tolerance Centers” in cities throughout Israel, to serve as bases to expand all of the above activities nationwide with emphasis on:

– Education of tolerance and Jewish unity
– “Mutual respect workshops” in hundreds of schools
– Major educational events, concerts for thousands of students
– Summer camps to teach and reinforce these values